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MiniliftUSA is a modern company that was founded in Brazil in 1995 as Minilift by a group of three friends who were aeronautical mechanical engineers. They had extensive knowledge in engineering and had conducted in-depth research in their professional and academic careers, holding masters and PhD degrees in engineering.

Initially, the company focused on the development and production of equipment for vertical transportation using new technologies. They aimed to bring innovation to an industry that was technologically outdated.

In 2007, Minilift underwent a restructuring with the exclusive objective of manufacturing and selling equipment for accessibility, primarily focusing on residential and commercial elevators and vertical platforms.

In 2014, the company embarked on the development of a revolutionary line of ultra-compact elevators specifically designed for the US market, with a primary focus on accessibility, residential use, and restricted applications. To support this endeavor, we choose Miami to be our office location in USA.

The story of Minilift is one of passion and great achievements, driven by the hard work and focused efforts of its founders. Their approach aligns with the core American ideals of entrepreneurship and ethics. However, they acknowledge that there is still much more to be accomplished. Now we, as MiniliftUSA are eager to hear from new customers and appreciate the trust of those who have already joined them.

Main Features


Discover our main features, including state-of-the-art elevator technology, seamless vertical transportation solutions, and a commitment to innovation, all designed to elevate your mobility experience.

Easy Installation

MiniliftUSA elevators require minimal construction work or demolitions. They are fixed directly to the wall and require only a single opening in the upper floor, eliminating the need for a tower, pit, or machine room. This saves customers thousands of dollars in civil work expenses.

Economic and Elegant

Safety is a top priority for Minilift and all our elevators are equipped with multiple safety systems. MiniliftUSA's commitment to safety ensures that the elevators meet the highest standards and provide a secure and reliable vertical transportation solution.

Remote Control

The drive on the floors can be carried out by remote control. In this way, it is not mandatory to pass electric cables inside the walls, eliminating eventual cuts and rework in the side walls finishing.

Safety Sensors

 Safety is a top priority for MiniliftUSA, and all our elevators are equipped with multiple safety systems. In the highly unlikely event of a traction cable rupture, MiniliftUSA elevators are equipped with a powerful safety brake. This brake features tempered steel claws that engage with the rails almost instantly, ensuring the safety of passengers and providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. MiniliftUSA's commitment to safety ensures that our elevators meet the highest standards and provide a secure and reliable vertical transportation solution.

 Fast Installation

MiniliftUSA prides itself on the speedy installation process of our elevators. With proper site preparation, their installations typically take only two or three days. The Unno and Unno HC models come with pre-assembled cabins, allowing for a simplified installation by connecting them to the traction system. This efficient process ensures that customers can quickly enjoy the benefits of our Minilift elevator, saving time and effort while maintaining convenience and reliability.


The traction system consists of a very silent precision gearbox. It is produced by the world’s largest manufacturer, SEW from Germany, which is also present in the US. The rails are manufactured with special alloy of tempered aluminum and allow a very smooth displacement.

Intelligent Design

MiniliftUSA elevators, available globally, are designed for service by local technicians. Unlike traditional manufacturers, Minilift doesn't primarily sell parts or maintenance services but focuses on providing reliable, user-friendly elevators that offer customers flexibility in maintenance management.


The equipment dimensions are very compact in order to be adapted to the largest number of environments. For example, the Unno line (for a passenger) requires a floor opening of only 2′ 5″ x 2′ 9″ (WxD) and a height on the second floor of only 7′ 11″.


Electrical consumption is very low because the mechanical efficiency of the system is high, about 95%, and it happens practically only during its movement. Comparatively, on average, a 50 inch Smart TV turned on for only 2 hours a day consumes 3.5 times more than a MiniliftUSA uses during 10 trips a day!

Several Models for Fast Delivery

There are several models that can be delivered faster, as we know that some customers have a more urgent need to get their equipment.

National and International Installation

Delivery and installation are national and international. However, some US states and countries have special legislation that only authorizes local contractors to carry out the installation in addition to civil works. Please consult your contractor about this possibility.

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