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  • The Duo Minilift is designed for two standing passengers, servicing up to 3 floors and can be extended to 4 floors.

  • Nominal load capacity is 225 kg (496 lbs).

  • Known for its low electric consumption and reduced maintenance needs; installation typically completed in one day.

  • The fully assembled cabin fits through doors with a clearance of 31.5 inches and can be attached to plaster walls, masonry, or metal structures.

  • Standard power supply is three-phase, but it offers connection options of 127 VAC single-phase or 220 VAC.

  • Safety elements include an emergency brake, circuit interruptions, among other features.

  • Occupying only 27.4 sq ft, the Duo Minilift incorporates a high-tech digital frequency inverter, ensuring passengers a smooth and comfortable ride.


  • WARRANTY TERMS - The standard warranty is three (3) months from the installation date. During this time, EXXPONENTIAL is obligated to repair or provide a new part (according to its choice) for changing any defective component.

    An additional warranty of nine (9) months can be granted if the Purchaser proves the hiring of a permanent technician or company to maintain the equipment.

    It is not included in the warranty coverture:

    - Visits to the work site for inspection, evaluation, disassembly, reassembly and eventual freights. In case the Buyer requires those services be performed by an EXXPONENTIAL technician, it is previously agreed the cost per technician is $70.00 / h when in the job site plus air flight ticket, hotel, food and car rental.

    - Periodic maintenance services that must be performed by a local technician or company. These services are considered fundamental for the maintenance of the guarantee and for the safety of all users.

    - Emergency services, even in the case of imprisoned passengers, which must be provided by a local company or technician.

    - Repair or replacement of knobs, lamps, fans, fuses, lubricating oil, brake linings, batteries and other elements subject to natural wear and tear or whose warranty is beyond EXXPONENTIAL reasonable control.

    - Repair or replacement of items damaged by misuse or even by emergency interventions or during maintenance activities.

    - Repair or replacement of items damaged by exposure to weather, flood, fire, excessive heat or cold, excessive dust or moisture, power surges, lack of lubrication, lack of proper maintenance and lightning strikes in the vicinity .

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